‘Tapping into Tech’ in the Early Years during COVID-19

Lessons Shared & Next Steps

Moderated by Dr. Alison Gerlach
March 2, 2022 11:35AM
Tapping into Tech logo designed by Sam Bond
Panel Description

Long before the COVID-19 pandemic, many families living in rural and northern parts of BC and raising
young children with extra support needs, often faced multiple barriers to accessing a wide-range of
information, supports and services for their children’s early health, development and well-being. The
pandemic has shone a light on the untapped potential for information and communication technologies
(apps, cell phones, Facebook, teleconference platforms such as Zoom etc.) to be used as long-term,
additional ways for parents to access early child health and development information and programs in BC.

This interactive session will be led by a panel of presenters/community researchers from a province-wide
‘Tapping into Tech’ project that aims to inform the use of technologies based on the experiences, views
and preferences of rural and northern families, early childhood service providers and agencies: https://

To build on lessons learned during COVID19 and reflect on next steps, audience members are invited to
take 10 mins to complete an anonymous brief survey about their experiences using technologies during
the pandemic to provide early child development and health services and supports to families. Survey
results will be shared with the audience and used to further inform the ‘Tapping into Tech project’ and
future engagement with service providers in rural and northern communities in BC.

Panel Participants