Madelaine McCallum

Motivational speaker, Facilitator, MC, and Dancer

March 1, 2022 2:15 pm
As I Am, Is Enough

Through sharing her most fragile moments with audiences across Canada in her Fire Within presentation, Madelaine discovered the most crucial lesson there is to learn: ‘As I am, is Enough.’’ Taking you through an emotional roller coaster, Madelaine will leave you speechless with her realness and vulnerability as she helps you to discover the importance of finding self-worth and acceptance.


Madelaine McCallum is a gifted dancer, motivational speaker, facilitator, and MC — a true, multi-faceted creative. She is from Ile a la Crosse, Saskatchewan and brings passion with a gentle yet powerful presence to the stage whether she is there to share one of her inspiring Speaks or she has been asked to dance, or MC.

Madelaine’s experience as an MC and event host is sure to make your event or workshop a hit! She has a passion for sharing her knowledge of dance and culture and doesn’t shy away from sharing her story of survival, knowing that dance has been an outlet and saviour throughout her life.

Though she is often known immediately for her Métis dance  (she’s been jigging since she could walk!), she loves all forms including Pow Wow, contemporary, hip hop, and movement from the soul. She has created traditional and fitness-based dance workshops including Pow Wow Impact, Jig Fit, Pow Wow Zumba, and traditional Pow Wow and Jigging workshops.

Invite Madelaine to take you through a path of perspectives, sharing stories, and changing the way you feel about the past by offering tools towards releasing what no longer serves you and healing your life forward.